The enigmatic London-based newcomers TTRRUUCES have blast onto the scene with their super psych track, and beyond creative video for “TTRRUUCES.”

Their second single, “TTRRUUCES” expands from their off-kilter psychedelia with dramatic theatricality found in their debut single “Sad Girl,” but is a lot more Berghain and sinister (which, we like).

Set to an industrial beat, vocal effects that make you think you’re listening to an alien anthem, and celestial harmonies that give way to the mantra chant that powers its captivating chorus, “TTRRUUCES” is unlike any track—or video—you’ve seen before. These people are fucking insane—and it’s sooooo good.

The band relocated to the seaside for a year to give themselves the freedom to fully immerse themselves in creating their debut album. I just envision them dropping a lot of acid and making this record, and you know what, it works. It works for them.

Watch the trippy video below:

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