Video: High Waisted // Boy’s Can’t Dance

Our favorite Brooklyn-based surf rock band High Waisted has just put out this amazing (and hilarious) video for their track “Boy’s Can’t Dance” and it belongs on your quarantine video loop—right after My Best Friend’s Wedding and before Bride Wars.

“I had been cooped up for a long week of work and was really itching for a proper night out with my girlfriends. This song was ripped directly from my inner monologue; wanting to let my hair down, eager for the weekend and ready to do something I might regret. It’s an anthem for letting yourself have some much deserved fun. That weekend I remember noticing the dance floor was shared mostly by ladies as the guys lined the perimeter. And I thought, oh, these boys can’t dance because they have their hands in their pockets! There’s nothing more freeing than getting lost in your favorite song and letting your body wiggle, shake and twist void of worry or insecurities in the middle of a crowded room. Everyone deserves to dance.”

Jessica Louise Dye on “Boys Can’t Dance”

Full of lo-fi fuzzy bass, reverb-drenched guitars and radiant harmonies, the babe Jessica Louise Dye, and her quirky ‘60s garage rock aesthetic is exactly the fun you need during quarantine.

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