Premiere: Modern Whale // Could’ve Been the One [official video]

Remember the days when we could go outside without having to play online games to simulate that experience? Well, Brooklyn-based Modern Whale has given us a little reminder of what the world (or at least New York City) looks like, with their new music video for “Could’ve Been the One.”

The trio is made up of Rocky Russo on electric bass and synth, Kyle Kelly-Yahner on drums and programming and Robbie G. on guitars and vocals. The track “Could’ve Been the One” is one of those not-quite-love-songs that I wish I had in my high school and college years, and that’s what makes this band so great: their tunes span both generations and genres. Their lyrical depth and aestheticism make them not so much a ‘one size fits all’ approach but rather something that can be appreciated artistically for many types of people–from those devoted to punk rock to fans of Maroon 5.

Similarly, the video for “Could’ve Been The One” makes aestheticism accessible. Its black and white shots present the track in a romantic light, something that photographer/director Kevin Condon has become quite known for.

“I’ve wanted to make a video on Meserole Street for a few years now and the mood of the song coupled with Kevin Condon’s instincts and eyes made for a perfect fit”.

Robbie G.

Through all of this experience and musical exposure as a producer and artist, Robbie and his bandmates have taken a natural instinct for finding and creating the perfect sound and used it to make “Could’ve Been The One” a timeless track—and visual piece of art.

Image credit: ONE RPM Studios – (from left to right, Robbie G., Rocky Russo, Kyle Kelly-Yahner).