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Featured: In the studio with Parcels [video]

“For us two years ago, this idea was the perfect bookend to the debut album. A lush 24 track tape recording of all the album songs being performed in a classic studio.”


Berlin-based (Australian born) Parcels has recently released an in-studio live album, Live Vol. 1 (Kitsuné Musique/Because Music) and I’m stoked to share it with you lot on the Left Bank. I first found out about Parcels through a small, intimate concert at the Public in NYC and was instantly in love—not only are they super, super talented but these guys have an excellent on and off-stage camaraderie that is enviable.

Photo: Jean Raclet

I’ve been following their career since then and was quite pleased to learn of this new project. Recorded live on tape and mixed on a hardware console at the legendary Hansa Studio in Berlin, Live Vol. 1’s 18 songs feature everything fans love about Parcels. You get the band’s hit songs, feeling like you’re inside a historic place (even if you’re just on your couch), and a live feel (which is so nice during COVID days).

You might not get much out of intently watching it through start to finish. Rather treat it like a private house concert to soundtrack your dinner preparations, with no pressure to applaud, no hiked up beer prices and the sweet option to pause for a bathroom break without missing the best bit. The performance isn’t edited in any way, just mixed, mistakes and all, so we’re concentrating hard in the video on making it sound nice. There’s a lot of nervous eye communication, a little bit of polite dancing and occasionally moments of just enjoying being right in the zone together

Photo: Jean Raclet

Directed by Carmen Crommelin, watch the intimate video below.

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