Mixtape: Father Space Cadet’s Quarantine Dance Party

Words by Father Space Cadet

Hello all my space kittens! If you’re like me, you’re at home knocking back bottles of rosé, gin, and any red wine you can get your hands on. Don’t let anyone tell you that’s not ok. Judgement is cancelled during quarantine season.

I figured now is a good time to put together a playlist of tracks that I’ll be dancing—and mixing—in future DJ sets. This playlist is a bit of a deviation from my Space Cadet Mixtape #1 (which was, as you guessed, space themed). Here you’ll find some of my favorite house tunes from mostly up-and-coming artists because even I need a break from all that Bakermat I’ve been blasting.

P.S. I’ll be releasing Space Cadet Mixtape #2 later this month, but until then, fill up your bathtub, gather your bottles of wine, and soak up these good vibes. Follow me on Instagram at @fatherspacecadet

Paco Versailles – ” Let It Rain”

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Paco Versailles blends flamenco, dance and pop and has hints to Daft Punk’s most recent tunes (I’m hearing a lot of “Get Lucky”) along with some quintessential Parcels funk. According to the band, the name was conceived while imagining a collaboration between Paco De Lucia and Daft Punk, their favorite French artist from the Parisian suburb of Versailles. Mine too lads. Mine too.

Rayowa – “Chance”

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Building off of those Daft Punk vibes, Rayowa’s “Chance” is the perfect follow-up on your tropi-house playlist. You don’t even have to tell anyone that the playlist you’re spinning is from me. I mean, that would be nice but, we are essentially strangers to each other so I get it.

A band of three brothers, Dan, Reece and Luke all share a love of soul, funk and pop music—you hear all of these influences in “Chance.” They are the reincarnation of Donna Summer, who is undeniably the Queen of Disco. Rayowa, you would make her proud.

PINS – “Hot Slick”

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Following on that Donna Summer rollercoaster which I never want to get off, UK-based band PINS has made the perfect track with “Hot Slick.” It’s Disco Barbie which is basically how people would describe me; PINS and I are a match made in Heaven. They sing “Lying in the sun is no fun for anyone” which is accurate because I only come out at night.

BRB gonna go grab Ken by his leather choker and hop in my hot pink corvette. Any questions?

Palavas – “Giorgio Baroudeur”

Rating: 5 out of 5.

It wouldn’t be a Father Space Cadet x Left Bank Magazine playlist without French DJ/Producer duo, Palavas.  The latest release from new Brooklyn disco/house label, Toucan sounds, “Giorgio Baroudeur” is full Mediterranean dance party Italo bliss.

Hailing from the South of France, Palavas, is a reference to Palavas-les-Flots (FR), a vacation town near their home that in the 1980’s owned the prestigious title of “Queen of Mediterranean Beaches.” In their music, Palavas aims to recapture this golden era, with sun drenched Italo disco elements, and summery beats.  They are what I want to be when I grow up.

neumodel – “Black Block”

Rating: 4 out of 5.

French lo-fi electronic duo neumodel have created the perfect 6 a.m. Berghain (or perhaps 2 am Arkaoda) track with “Black Block.” A little darker and sexier than some of the other tunes on this mixtape—and complete with a music video—”Black Block” is

“Black Block” is based on their previous video, “HAYAH” ft. Kiddy Smile. “HAYAH (meaning in Hebrew: To Be – To Become – To Serve) is a demonstration of strength. It is the symbol of globalization, of capitalism, of superficial’s superpower. Its opposite is ‘Black Block’. ‘Black Block’ is ironically an admission of weakness and helplessness. We see from afar and from above the world’s violence around us: symbolized by “the Black Block utopia” -Neumodel

“Black Block” is the second video released off of their upcoming LP, and maintains the same aesthetics as previous pieces.

Our album and the electro-rock sounds vibrating through it is a vivid tribute to this music that resonates with us and which still has a lot to say. It’s not an homage to the artists per se, but it’s more about tapping into a style that has the potential to revolutionize the music establishment – and to revisit this style. 

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