Premiere: Exit Daze // Back to the City

In true quarantine fashion, we are here to regale the prospect of staying in our quarantine haven for a long period of time with this stunning video from Harlem, New York band Exit Daze. Led by singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Nick Lotto, he sings “there’s no way I’m ever going back to the city,” which is a common sentiment for all of our friends who have fled New York City, Berlin, London, and other large cities for a bit of quarantine respite.

What has happened, then, is that we get a taste for what some might call ‘normal life’ without the daily stressors and anxiety that overcomes us in these big cities. Just yesterday I found an apartment for sale in Berlin for €315,000 and called my mom in a frenzy at this cheap price — she told me that I could buy that same apartment in North Carolina for $125,000.  

It’s nice to fantasize about what life may look like after quarantine — will we chase after those dreams that have always been in the back of our minds? Will we find a simpler life (or place) after taking so many months ‘off’ from the real world? Will we go back to the city?

Watch as Exit Daze performs “Back to The City” live at The Creamery Studios in Greenpoint, BK.

Directed, Shot and Edited by Nick Von Gremp

Vocals/Guitar- Nick Lotto

Bass- Jamie Pitrelli

Guitar- Vin Landolfi

Drums- Devin Collins

Engineered by Quinn McCarthy Mixed by Mark Evans