Sounds: Hotel Leo // Our Love

Sometimes you need a downtempo, indie electronic tune to sooth you from the stress that is the outside world. Hotel Leo’s “Our Love” is that tune for us. Featuring deep, dark vocals and instrumentals and a chorus vaguely inspired by Hot Chip, “Our Love” is the kind of track that you can get lost inside. The track is the second single from their upcoming album, Matters, which Hotel Leo has been writing and recording at home over the past couple of years.

“Our Love” is a song about hidden love, and the ways someone can love another without showing it. The reasoning behind hiding true feelings is often out of fear, and I wanted to explore that in this song. I tried to express the idea of something being so powerful that you can’t ignore it, but you still or won’t see it for what it is.

Hotel Leo

When everyday feels bleak and your nihilism is almost unbearable, turn on the tune “Our Love” and dance around in your underwear. Trust us on this one.

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