Sounds: Yune // Odd One Out

Words by Lane Dombois

The foundation of Danish indie quintet Yune’s new single ‘Odd One Out,’ from their debut album ‘Agog’, is bass player Mads Flethøj Ege’s Radiohead-reminiscent, octave jumping groove. Overlaid with sometimes reedy, sometimes spacey guitars from Erlend Eggstad and Nikolaj Bugge, the spiraling treble disorientation is calmed by Tobias Sachse’s effected vocals and Tobias Andreassen’s timbrels-laden beat.

“’Agog’ describes seemingly hopeless situations and trying to get out of them without knowing if the glimmer of hope on the horizon is an oasis or a mirage.”


Sometimes, basking in the mirage is not only the best we can do, but the best we should. Two and a half minutes into ‘Odd One Out’ is the sound of a lonely dog yelping—to meet the mirage, or to turn away? Yune’s answer is clear.