Video: PRIG // Plants

Disaffection reigned in ’90s lo-fi, and its reach—with cheery pop guitars, punk lackadaisical vox, and sardonically playful lyrics—continues healthily into today.

“Drive with me into this dry oasis,” sings Nethaniel Ratsaby, one half of Berlin-based PrIG.

In the video for ‘Plants’ from their debut EP, Nethaniel and bandmate Ambroise Prieur launch a half-hearted attack against a giant, cartoon flower—charmingly animated by Ariel Glencer (Ariel My Friend). The attack doesn’t quite succeed, and they’re forced to retreat on their sea-creature bottom-halves, pursued by zombie flower children.

It’s the conjoining of the cheery and the somber that makes for a celebration of destruction. Chirpy guitars over buzzy synths provide the soundtrack to the destruction of the world at the hands (petals?) of a monster flower—would a successful attack against such a foe even be considered a success?

Watch it below.

Listen to the full Plants EP below

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