tête-à-tête with sally haze

We just can’t get enough of Sally Haze, and don’t care who knows it! In addition to premiering their new track “All That Matters” (which you can listen to here) we also sat down with them — just kidding, it’s quarantine, so we actually just emailed them — to discuss their new track, plans after quarantine, and the best clubs in London.

Left Banker’s, take a break from watching Friends re-runs to meet Jess (vocals) and Will (guitarist/bass).

Left Bank: How did you get the idea for the track?

Will: I had been wanting to write something that was “poppy”, but still retained the sound from the first EP. So we started with the bassline and went from there. It was quite freeing, I think we tried a lot of fun with ideas we maybe wouldn’t have tried if the word “pop” hadn’t been thrown out at the very beginning; I definitely don’t think we’d have put all the synth melodies and stuff like that in there.
 Jess: For lyrics, the meaning of this song came from the idea of being with someone (in whatever way) and it kinda consuming both of you involved. To the point that it’s all you think about or ya know, “all that matters.”

Cuttteee. Was it created during quarantine or before?

Jess: The song was mostly written and recorded before quarantine actually! But it did give us a lot of time to work on it, especially the production. We also found the time to make the promo video too which we’ve never done before so that really fun!

Speaking of quarantine, how’s it been going? Anything you want to share or tips that’s been helpful for you?

Will: It’s been going ok. So many are struggling and it’s been really sad at time, but I think it’s for the best to keep everyone safe, and we just have to hope everyone comes out the other side ok. For tips I’d say get the Criterion Channel. There’s so many great movies on there that I’d struggled to find time to watch before. Also, I’ve been spending a lot of time writing. Also been doing a lot of video calls which has helped a lot.
Jess: I am really lucky I’m still working (from home) so that takes up a lot of time. I don’t mind being home though. Before all this I felt like I was always going 10000 miles an hour. The slowness is really nice, but I am still keeping busy in other ways, so I don’t go too crazy. I will say I do miss going to shows and the occasional dinner/drinks with friends and family a lot. 

I feel you on that. It’s tough because every time I say I don’t mind being home I come across as a wanker given all that’s going on, but at the same time, I also am enjoying the ability to slow down. I’m still doing way too damn much but it feels a bit healthier mentally. So let’s discuss life after quarantine — if you could play anywhere in the world where would you?

Will: As an Englishman, I have to say Glastonbury, of course. It’s such a huge cultural event, like the cornerstone of the entire British music scene; I remember growing up watching the broadcasts on the BBC wishing I could be there so to play it would be a dream. More realistically, I would love to play Thalia Hall here in Chicago too; we’ve been to so many great shows there so it’d be great to play one.   

Jess: I would probably pick like Primavera Festival in Barcelona. Also I feel it would be fun to play at the Moth Club in London. Good vibe and I love the shiny gold background! Locally, the Hideout or Thalia Hall.  

Dude’s, Moth Club is where it’s at! I can 100% co-sign on that one (although no one asked me). How about the first bar or restaurant or venue you’ll visit after quarantine?

Will: I would have to say Skylark in Pilsen. It’s a cash only dive bar, definitely our favourite bar in the city. And I love their food; I’m planning on having their mac and cheese for my first post-quarantine meal. For venues, I have tickets to a show at Empty Bottle that’s been rescheduled a few times so hopefully there!
 Jess: Ohhhh this is hard. First place would have to be Bangers & Lace. Then I’d say Maria’s, Skylark, Empty Bottle, Bernice’s and of course, Parson’s patio. I miss these places so damn much.

I sense a Sally Haze travel article coming up (*works on manifesting this*). Let’s switch gears for a bit, what does success mean to you? What does it look like in regards to your music career?

Will: I don’t know really. I guess success to me would be just putting out music that I am proud of and that people would enjoy listening to. 

Jess: I would have to agree with Will. I think just knowing people enjoy our music in the first place makes me feel pretty successful. That’s all I was really looking for. It’s a cool feeling getting texts from friends or internet strangers reaching out saying how much they like it. Makes it worth it to me.

Love that, always a nice feeling creating something for a layer of enjoyment versus commercial success. But while I’m manifesting, I’ll wish you lot both. Finally, anything else you want to add or share?

Jess: We will be releasing our next single soon and our second EP, Wet Dream, comes out at the end of the summer, which we’re super excited about! And we hope everyone is staying safe, and hope to see you all soon!

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