Sounds: Sealife // Night Flower [official video]

Thus Sealife—Seattle-based solo project by Brennan Moring—describes their sophomore album, Tan Camel. Released by pyschedelic-dream-pop label Look Up Records, the album explores Moring’s emotional state through multi-instrumental, tropical soundscapes.

“In a pensive perch atop a camel’s back, waning through the heat of the day, we’re all we have left here. We are our own creator and our own creation. We’ve realized through inward inspection that by taking our toll on the world, the world is taking its toll on us. The extremity of all things outward versus our own awesome power is the most eternal conflict. Struggling to balance the many thresholds beneath our feet is what makes the cream taste so sweet. The hard labors of the day make the soul tender at night. Never too much or too little. If the bow won’t sing, a person may grow a hump. And they may sit atop that hump. And they might say things like – Even the birds can get winded, even the grasses grow tired, and even a camel can get a tan.” – Brennan Moring

Earlier this month, Sealife released a video for their single, ‘Night Flower’. Evoking Sea-and-Cake-reminiscent beachy adoration, synths and a plucky bass pair nostalgically with Kyle Toda’s hazy 8mm visuals. “Yours, mine, yours, mine” Moring chants as the song concludes on a characteristically bouncy note.

Whose nostalgia is being celebrated? Perhaps it’s our nostalgia to share. Watch the video below and stream the full album on their Bandcamp.

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