12 quarantine moods everyone can relate to

Quarantine has got me feelin’ some type of way. I’m sure everyone can relate. The wave of feelings I experience on a day-to-day basis is constant and chaotic (unless I’m feeling not much of anything at all). From isolation to my own diagnosed mental health disorder, this has been a seriously emotionally-charged time for me, and I’m just trying to get through it one day at a time. As a way to wade through the madness, here are some quarantine moods I know I—and I’m sure all of you Disco Babes—can relate to.

Note: Remember to stay home, stay healthy, and happy reading!

  1. Tired from doing absolutely nothing at all

2. Hungry! So hungry!

3. Grouchy aka me being angry for no reason for half of the day just to feel something

4. Straight vibing (when I have free time)

5. Totally NOT exercising

6. Real sad hours

7. A brief surge of productivity

8. Andddd right back to full-blown laziness

9. B O R E D O M

10. Drinking because it’s quarantine and Ina Garten told me to

11. Disassociating

12. Trying to remain hopeful!

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