Mixtape: Black and PROUD

As a woman of color I couldn’t be more proud to have this platform to propel the fight that my people—and our allies—are partaking in right now. I’ve had my head down for the past few weeks building a sister site – CHEZ NOUS (www.cheznousguide.com) that serves as a resource for inclusivity—highlighting BIPOC, woman, LGBTQUIA-owned and run businesses and events. I urge you to bookmark the site and/or make a member login so that you can show your support in substantial ways moving forward.

I’ve also made this playlist of tracks by black artists that I literally cannot get enough of. They are more than just great songs with sick beats, they represent black culture in America. It’s important to listen to these voices and the lyrics and internalize them. And then join us in the fight.

If you find that you don’t agree with the Black Lives Matter movement, I suggest you stop following our site. We don’t want you here.

-Kristyn Potter

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