Video premiere: Vaeda Black x Saverio // Cigs

OMG. This song and video couldn’t be more representative of today’s quarantine mood (see: every day for the past few months). Featuring the best summertime vibes that I’ve heard this year, wrapped in a whole lot of apathy, Vaeda Black and Saverio have released the official music video for “Cigs.” The track/video makes you feel both that things will get better and also that you’re not alone in things being totally f*cked up.

The track was written, produced, and recorded in one late night (um, I can barely clear out my inbox in one night) over Facetime during quarantine with her friend Saverio, who she met in high school. Home early from their college music production program in Brooklyn, they decided to collaborate on a song and sent files back and forth to each other all night, adding their own styles to the project. The outcome is “Cigs”, a song about young love, heartbreak, and apathy in the aftermath of a breakup.

The video for “Cigs” was self-shot on an old camcorder Vaeda had lying around at home, and towards the end of the video you feel a sense of liberation that we all have been aching to feel in a while.

If only I could create something that sounded so great and also was so inspiring … Vaeda, you’re a GD legend.

P.S. Who TF downvoted this video?