Sounds x Premiere: Goldilocks // Bañador

Our fave reggaeton artist Goldilocks has just released a banger of a single off of her debut album. Featuring a sick beat that Goldilocks has become known for, and smooth—yet, sexy—lyrics, “Bañador” may have been the cause of Spotify’s app crashing for hours this morning. Seriously.

Produced by Goldilocks, mixed by Kevin Cutler, and mastered by Nicolas de Porcel (who also mastered Roddy Ricch’s hit song The Box), the track “is for the baddies who are not afraid to strut their stuff – the girls who take up space and know how to heat up the room.”

*raises hand shyly*

Who else wants to push up on someone real hard while listening to this tune?

*raises hand shyly*

“Bañador” is released by Blonde Records and distributed by Altafonte Music Network, and you can see a sneak preview performance on our music news with Blonde Records on the July 5th episode.

Listen to the banger here:

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