[NEWS] Blonde Records’ Weekly Music News, powered by Left Bank

On this week’s episode of Blonde Records Music News powered by Left Bank Magazine we do a recap of the DNC with performance highlights featuring Billie Eilish (and her cute dog), Jennifer Hudson’s show-stopping rendition of Sam Cooke’s ‘Change is Gonna Come’, and John Legend and Common’s glorious tribute to John Lewis with Glory. 

Then another important update on The Recording Academy’s super successful District Advocate Day, a preview of Celeste Krishna and Monarchs Friday release of your new favorite wedding reception dance floor request ‘Back it Up’, M the Myth’s news blitz which is fun and informative and we get an update on Kanye’s failing bid for president, a recap of LovelyOcean’s album release featuring an interstellar pre-show with our very own hot pink leotard-kini lunging DJ Father Space Cadet, everyone’s new go-to music discovery segment; Quick Picks with Bands Do BK’s Sam Sumpter, and bonus footage of a chicken laying an egg in Rebecca’s mud room. Think of this show as YOUR show if you’re an indie artist. We want to hear from you and hear your music. Help us build a strong community that supports marginalized talent and each other. We strive to be accessible with our podcast option.

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