[LIVE] yllwblly: “Your Heart Darkens”

We are ecstatic to share this intimate live video of “Your Heart Darkens” from singer-songwriter and producer YllwBlly. Live from his corner of the world in Massachusetts, the track is from his debut album and the video is one of 2-3 live videos that he plans to release. Quarantine gives us a lot of great content, doesn’t it?

“I recorded this quick take in my living room in Providence in the middle of quarantine, of an old tune I wrote during the beginning of the end of a relationship. Maybe those two genres of solitude blend together in a way that strikes a chord. “Your Heart Darkens” was the first song that came to me during the songwriting sessions that birthed my 2020 LP Land Lover.” 


Birthing yllwblly’s debut album, Land Lover, was a long, stilted process. Self-taught artist since his teen years, the record was born from the artist’s turn to creative ritual to document and cope with the collapse of a formative relationship in 2015. It was written in the early mornings before an office job, and sees the then 23-year-old songwriter linger in the old wounds, bad dreams, and what-ifs of love and loss. 

Though relegated by day jobs to notebooks and hard drives for the better part of four years, the album, released February 2020, is brimming with fresh creative energy. The four years of time and space from the record’s inception and completion gives us the markings of an older, wiser artist returning to the scene of the past.

Wrapped in nostalgia but with a clear focus for clarity and anticipation for what’s to come, both Land Lover and this live video show a mature, intimate side to yllwblly.

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