[PREMIERE] Novaa // The Futurist

Berlin-based experimental pop artist Novaa (and our new favorite artist) provides an ominous warning with ‘The Futurist’, a minimal-pop, introspective confessional piece that floats seamlessly over atmospheric electronic beats. Taken from her brand new album ‘The Futurist’ due later this year, it follows on from her recent singles, ’Cyber Room’ ‘Universe Lullaby’, ‘To Be Yang’, ‘Alien’, ‘Elon’, ‘Drones’, and ‘AI Am In Love’.

“This is not meant to be a moral pointing finger song. It might come off as one, but my attempt was to write a song that is fun but also talks about how important it is to save the environment. Climate change is one of, if not the most, important issue right now. Let’s make sure we don’t get lost in who is right about why, when and how to save it so we can actually save it. I wrote THE FUTURIST about three years ago. The whole song was already there. But I wasn’t happy with my first production sketch. So after my debut album dropped I started from scratch again. I added the string synth in the chorus, cut out a lot of harmonies that were in there before, added the vocal sample and programmed a beat.”


She’s always been interested in futuristic topics, pestering her physicist brother to explain the world of technology, physical laws and inventions to her, devouring podcasts, documentaries, and books dealing with ideas of the future.

“I wanted to break down really complicated matters into something more understandable and emotional”, she says. And this is how The Futurist was born.

Watch the video below.

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