[REVIEW] Sealife // Beat Queen (5 Minute Album)

We’ve been fans of Sealife for quite some time on the Left Bank—their music envelops you in funky grooves, dynamic lyrics, and truly conceptual work (music videos and live sessions to start). So when we were alerted of their new 5 minute album, made of 5 totally different songs and an accompanying short film music video, our ears perked.

Beat Queen is a 5 minute album. 5 songs, 5 stories, one minute each. Each song completely different in tone and mood from each other, accompanied by 5 interconnected music videos. A side-show of moods and emotions, and a compliment to short attention spans.” Brennan Moring, aka Sealife

What we get from Beat Queen is a truly genius mind f*ck of experiences—visual and aural. The juxtaposition of tracks, moods, and visual embodiment of the tunes just works. It’s akin to what a really awesome acid trip feels like—only about 12 hours and 55 minutes shorter. And, perhaps with a bit less accompanying anxiety afterward.

Watch it below.