[NEWS] Blonde Records Music News – Week of Oct. 19th

MTV News is back, but instead of Kennedy, you get…the Blonde Records Crew. Goldilocks joins Rebecca in the reporting zone this week to uncover ‘WTF she just read’ (hint: Ashley Booking wrote it…and it’s a poem). Anna Oxygen teaches us how to build Pscyhic Armor and guess what? Half Life is available to view ALL MONTH at cloudeyecontrol.com

Sam Sumpter joins us (even on her birthday week) with some stellar dellar Quick Picks (Jon the Guilt, Elizabeth Wyld, Beth Million, Viktor Longo, Eighty Ninety, Tall Juan) to add to your personalized radio rotation in the form of the Blonde Records Music News Spotify Playlist, and Bekah Bishop is here to tell you about her new music trends podcast, La’Royal Bishop Podcast. Subscribe now on Left Bank Magazine’s Youtube Channel. Oh, and there’s also a podcast of the show called The Blonde Artist Management Podcast available everywhere you listen!

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