[RESOURCES] Sacrosanct Community Resource Zine

We are beyond thrilled to share the Sacrosanct Community Resource Zine, a project curated by Alexa Dexa.

Image of Sancrosant Community Zine

“The zine I’m compiling is what I hope will be a similarly useful tool in the form of a physical and digital do-it-together collection of anecdotes, visual encouragements, and tangible resources by and for community members that can help us to identify and disrupt abusive power dynamics in our communities, at our places of work, and in our personal lives in order to enact change for ourselves now.” – Alexa Dexa

Full of helpful tips and inspiring stories, Sacrosanct Community Resource Zine is as powerful as it is engaging.

The zine is available to read at this link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wA6ssAiB7XSbj0Nm8RQGySwhfS1s8C-M/view

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