[REVIEW] The Mall // St. Louis, Mo.

Did you miss us, baby? No really, did you miss us?

Did Covid-19 knock you down and drag you out and make you feel totally and completely lifeless? Yeah, us too, baby. Us too.

Are you still reeling from the aftermath? Oh — what was that — between the election and BLM and the surge of coronavirus around the world you haven’t had a chance to remove the limitless amount of anxiety and angst from your core?

Yeah, us too, baby.

Enter stage right: The Mall, a St. Louis, Mo. (my hometown) band that screams and shouts its way throughout the track with a darkwave that best expresses the tornado of emotions that we all have been experiencing. It’s nothing if not a release; cathartic and dark, angry and moving; it’s everything that we need to get us through this pain.

What is it? You don’t know how long it’ll last? Me neither. Keep this track on repeat.

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