[PREMIERE] Kira Metcalf // Sally’s Song

So pleased and honoured to share the brand new track, “Sally’s Song,” from my friend, the super talented Kira Metcalf.

Feeling deeply connected to her constant fear of impending doom, Kira channels her inner sad girl to produce a track that is both dark and broody, while also sexy and mystical. How she does it, I literally don’t know (I’m just the messenger). But, I can singlehandedly say, of all the tracks that Kira has released, this one is my favorite—by a landslide.

“I picked this song partially because it speaks to the hopelessness I’ve been feeling about our corrupt political systems and feeling powerless to change anything. Sally uses her anxiety and fear to get shit done which is why she’s the REAL protagonist of Nightmare Before Christmas.”

Kira Metcalf

As we celebrate Halloween today (I’m admittedly still looking for the nearest socially-distant séance) and prepare for what might be the most important election of our generation in just a few days, it’s important to let Kira’s layered vocals engulf and entrance us, protecting us like a talisman and providing strength as we go forward to accomplish what is necessary (obviously, getting Biden elected).

“Sally’s ceaseless and highly relatable anxiety does not stop her from being a supremely bad bitch and that is the lesson I’m taking from this,” Kira says in her Facebook post promoting the song and we couldn’t agree more.

Anxiety is a natural state that occurs especially during moments of upheaval or uncertainty; but, we still have to carry on.

Listen to “Sally’s Song” below and don’t forget to vote like your angsty, doomy life depends on it—because, it kind of does.