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Sounds x Vid: Slowaves // Digital Dreams

It’s amazing going through my inbox and seeing what kind of music and art was created pre-quarantine. It has so much innocence and excitement to it—something that I think we all have lost a bit of in the past year.

Take for example this amazingly-crafted track and video by 23-year-old (maybe 24-now) Brazilian musician and producer, Slowwaves (Matheus Nascimento). The track starts out with him singing, “Are my friends are having fun …”

That didn’t age well. Or, did it?

The irony is that pre-quarantine tracks may seem like that don’t age well, when in fact they encapsulate a much lighter, happier time that is now something we are all nostalgic for. Their age is in their naivety, something that I both honor and respect as we are entering the second wave of the pandemic. If you’re like me, and have had a hard time this past year with COVID-19, BLM, and quarantine madness, then you might love this video as much as I did.

Watch it below.

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