Sounds x Video: ROSA // Vrbice Vrbo Zeljena

Gearing up for International Women’s Day tomorrow — and celebrating this week’s takeover of Left Bank by ROSA — we are thrilled to share their newest video for your viewing pleasure.

The all female group, which includes women from 4 different continents, have recently released a music video for their rendition of the ancient Balkan Song Vrbice, Vrbo Zeljena (Sweet Green Willow Tree). In true quarantine fashion, it features each woman in the group in a vertical layout singing both strong and sweetly into their camera.

Songs that ROSA performs date decades, often centuries back and have been surviving in rural areas of Serbia and the surrounding countries. Irreducible to the Western tonal system, these songs are impossible to write down with precision and are carried on as an oral tradition. 

Even though spread over 4 different cities in the midst of the pandemic, 6 singers got to unite their voices singing this ancient song — along with the help/grooves of guest artist Gilbert Mansour (percussion).

Watch current ROSA members Aleksandra Denda (Serbia), Shilpa Ananth (India), Astrid  Kuljanic (Croatia), Carolina Mama (Argentina), Raquel Rivera (Puerto Rico), and Joanna Schubert (USA) in their new video.

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