Premiere: IAMANANIMAL x Nihiloceros

Released by Totally Real Records in September 9/17/21

We are thrilled to premiere the music video for our favorite Brooklyn band Nihiloceros, featuring one of our favorite artists (and friends) on the planet, Gillian Visco—of Shadowmonster.

Shot and directed by Jen Meller, primarily in a single-shot take, the video for “iamananimal” explores that feeling of confinement that results from the self-domesticated and civilization of the animal instinct inside us all.

“[It’s about] the struggle between being pent up by all the luxuries and complexities of modern society versus being left to simple freedoms exposed in our wild nature within. For better or for worse, our humanity will always stand at odds with that which makes us animal,” said lead vox and guitarist, Mike Borchardt.

Quarantine doesn’t help with it — and while most of the US is open (we can argue about this in the comments), Europe is still in a sense of perpetual quarantine and ever-evolving restrictions. The animal in all of is has been—pre-Covid even—begging for a sense of freedom and self-liberation, and the video does a great job of presenting this idea: perhaps we can never break free and can only continue down the path of our own self destruction.

Our lady love Gillian Visco offers guest vocals on the track and stars in the video. Sidebar: if you haven’t seen her web series Stray Cats, I urge you to stay on YouTube a bit longer to watch a few of the episodes.

Watch iamananimal below.

“iamananimal” is the first single off Nihiloceros’s Self Destroy, which explores the unraveling of the human condition. Too soon or right on time? You tell me.

“Humans feel the need to elevate themselves over the rest of the natural world. Even though we only occupy a small blip in the infinite span of existence, we create a reality that puts us at the center of everything. We write books, and we sing songs, and build cities, and statues, and empires; all because we don’t want to be forgotten. Inevitably one day, humans and earth will all be gone, and everything we’ve left behind will be erased and forgotten. When faced with the idea that all our culture and technology and legacy are nothing more than a finite illusion, we lose our ability to determine what is meaningful and what is absurd,” Mike Borchardt.

The EP comes out on Totally Real Records Sept 17 and is available now as a preorder on vinyl and cassette.

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