Premiere x Music Video: Celeste Krishna // Talk, Talk, Talk

Our dear friend and absolute badass of a person and artist, Celeste Krishna has released the music video for her track “Talk, Talk, Talk” and we are utterly stoked to premiere it. Originally from Alabama, the Brooklyn-based artist has the most soulful voice and the kindest heart, but also a really tough, take no bullshit attitude that I both respect and really appreciate.

Bringing back 1980s synth pop in all of its glory, and the righteous anger of Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill, “Talk, Talk, Talk” describes the process of getting away from a manipulative and destructive relationship.

The mantra-like chorus of the song – “talk, talk, talk, you say nothing at all, talk talk talk, the subtext of you speaks volumes” – gets at the core of what mansplaining is all about. Which, at this point, needs to be illegal.

Recently, I had a boyfriend in Portugal who would send emojis instead of discuss his emotions and be vulnerable—Celeste touches on this in her track, and the action of talking non-stop in order to hide from emotional pain, insecurity and vulnerability. Not sure if talking non-stop or sending emojis is better, so let’s also make both of those illegal as well.

Within My Blue House, the track “Talk, Talk, Talk” also represents gender roles and expectations within Celeste’s family of origin, in which she recalls not being able to speak her mind or disagree with key male figures in her family without there being consequences.  Women were also expected to do emotional and care work that was not expected of husbands, sons, and brothers—these expectations (of both emotional and physical work) are still alive and well in traditional family environments, and among more conservative cultures, which we really need to work toward dismantling. Track by track, petit a petit, non?

The music video for “Talk, Talk, Talk” was created by Bit Rosie media, the icon. Watch the music video for “Talk, Talk, Talk” below.

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