Review: Hello Lightfoot // Twenty Seven (NYC)

Twenty Seven is absolutely dripping in vibes.

Twenty Seven is absolutely dripping in vibes. Echoes of disco and 80s synth bounce through the debut single from the High Waisted front woman’s solo venture: Hello Lightfoot. I dare you not to bop your head to the chorus.

“I finally had the courage to finish the solo EP I started nearly ten years ago after the sudden death of my best friend. It was a heavy, cathartic process and I am really proud of myself for pushing through the process.”


– Hello Lightfoot

The emotion in the vocal performance is apparent and weaves through the song. 

The music video is a fever dream of color and texture. Taking place in Las Vegas, and featuring some absolutely top tier fashion choices, Hello Lightfoot is accompanied by an Elvis impersonator as she tells a story of detachment and detangling wrapped in fairy tale metaphors by way of what seems like a mild acid trip. Lightfoot’s vocals are airy, emotional and carry you through the melody while you are intrigued by the story she tells. 

If this is just a taste of what we are in for with this EP we should all buckle up for one wild and well done ride. 

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