Review: Love Letters to Myself – Samantha Felipe

Samantha woke up one day and realized that she wanted to change the way she looked at and treated herself. For a year she wrote a love letter to herself. Every day. The result was the EP Love Letters to Myself where she took some of those letters and created 6 songs.

Needless to say, the songs are dripping in emotion. This is coupled with Felipe’s impeccable vocal technique provides a lovely listening experience. Each song has its own personality; one is a folky singer-songwriter ballad, one is a musical theatre style banger and, one is a rock power tune. Samantha’s composition ability is diverse, the songs could be released individually as singles. Marketed in that way, and with a team behind it, the album could have been pushed as a commercial release.

However, that was not the goal, Love Letters To Myself was released quietly. The artist has stated that they were not releasing these tunes for anyone but themselves. The creative process was a type of therapy for Felipe. Coming out the other side with a deeper understanding of herself and a love that seemed unattainable before the radical exercise of self love that led to this album.

Beyond the vocals and songwriting, the album includes impeccable guitar playing and a well done production that rivals a major release. It comes highly recommended to anyone that has ever struggled with loving themselves (most if not all of us I assume) and would like to listen to the comforting voice of a friend who understands.