Review: Joanna Heart // Dust (California)

Opening with whistles and steel string guitar the tune immediately transports you into the environment created by Heart and comes in strong, opening with a rousing chorus.

Joanna weaves a story of a grizzled, lone gunslinger type with the line “fighting all your battles up the hill both ways”. The main character is warned, by Heart’s smoky vocals, that when the dust settles they can’t hide who they truly are anymore. It invokes the timeless lesson that being a loner is typically a defense mechanism, bred from shame and the need to hide from one’s self.

You can’t help but wonder who Heart is singing about in this scathing account of a person so desperate to change but unwilling or unable to. The main character is warned throughout this modern cowboy ballad that they can not run from themselves to avoid the growth necessary for a fulfilling life.

This single is the first release from Joanna Heart in 15 years. By day she is a mother and owner of The Palm Coffee Bar in Burbank (yes, the one in Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo). Never losing touch with her music community Joanna has been an enthusiastic cheerleader of the musicians around her. So, it is fitting that this single has a top tier team behind it.

Written by Joanna Heart, Melanie Fontana (Justin Bieber; BTS) and Lindgren (Dua Lipa, BTS, Halsey, Sia) the tune is distributed via Sony/Universal. It comes to no surprise that the production is flawless. Well layered and mixed, it is polished like a pop song without losing integrity.

Dust is available on all platforms.

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