Review: Kowloon – The Sun

Kowloon – The Sun

Upon first listen one would think that The Sun by Kowloon was straight out of a bygone era.

Kowloon C/O Instagram

Deeper listening reveals the expertly pinpointed intentionality behind the tune. The thing I love about lo-fi retro music is that it instantly transports you to a specific environment. It is amazing how quickly the right soundtrack can color your world. The Sun achieves this effortlessly. Kowloon is clearly an artist that has honed his sound. The ease of which this song is executed makes that very clear.

The lyrics are refreshingly upbeat; speaking of a person in the artist’s life that reached out to them in a dark place. You can feel the warmth emanating from the layers of instruments and vocals. Kowloon keeps it interesting with a blend of synths, funky guitar and quirky mallet instruments that departs from the typical formula. This unique approach makes the listener want to dive deeper into the song and the catalog of this artist.

Everything about this release, and Kowloon, is perfectly branded and curated. All of the vintage artwork used for the single and album covers match and fit a vibe. From a management perspective, this artist is the whole package: a great musician who consistently releases music and has a signature vibe and style. My professional opinion is to keep an eye on Kowloon; I predict that they will be skyrocketing into the mainstream soon.

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