Review: Bewitch Yourself – Alexa Dexa

Bewitch Yourself by Alexa Dexa is not just an EP.

It is an experience of sound magic.

Alexa Dexa created their own oracle deck and used the recording process as a medium for spellwork. Innovative as hell. This album was created to be listened to in the old school way. Put it on, close your eyes and listen. Sink in, receive and meditate on the energy infused into the tracks by their creator. 

Affirming the magic within is the theme of Bewitch Yourself. There is a sense of personal strength that radiates through the tracks. The song being in your body repeats the mantra: “You are in a safe container”. It is a call to come home to ourselves and remember that our power lies within. The album does this with gentleness and vulnerability; saying “Hold our space to hold ourselves”, cradling your headspace and giving you permission to just be and process. 

Otherworldly and aethereal would be the closest thing to description I can give this music. The impeccable production quality and innovative balance and panning lends itself so well to the free form of the creation. It is a sure sign of Alexa Dexa’s musical prowess. This album is not bound by structure which can be the kiss of death for some tunes but Alexa walks a tightrope and is able to create space and lightness without falling into redundancy. They create an environment of sound that the listener can get lost (and found) in. 

Writing a review is supposed to be objective. But, with music this personal, with the intention to connect with the listener in such a deep way, that is impossible. I felt an overwhelming sense of peace listening to this album. I put my phone, work, and thoughts aside and sunk in. Music has always been a way for humans to communicate with and brush against the divine power of the universe. So, it makes sense that combining meditation and spellwork with something so powerful would be highly effective. 

Needless to say, this album gets my seal of approval and shining recommendation. Give it a listen and find your center.


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