Video: Aleksandra Denda // Inner I

Today we are thrilled to share this incredibly artistic music video for the new track “Inner I” by Aleksandra Denda. Introspective and vulnerable, Inner I launches Aleksandra’s holistic, innovative artistry to new heights.

Smudging the lines between avant pop, trip hop & nu-jazz sonic tapestries, Inner I tells the inner journey of setting off to unknown places, facing crisis, winning a victory and returning “home” transformed.

“Inner I tells the archetypal tale of hero’s inner journey. This story of merging of the conscious and the unconscious draws further inspiration from Carl Jung’s theory of archetypes and depicts these ancestral memories, that live inside each one of us, through a set of beguiling female characters.” – Denda

Directed by multimedia artist Nemanja Maras, the video features different female characters that represent Carl Jung’s-inspired archetypes, while drawing visual inspiration from prolific female artists such as Frida Kahlo and Marina Abramovic.

Watch it below:


The release of Inner I follows Aleksandra’s great success as a featured artist on 2020 Grammy-nominated album ONA which rendered her a Grazia magazine cover and attention from both Europe and US media.

“Sometimes you need to be broken down to pieces to be able to put yourself back together again. Writing Inner I was an important catalyst in that realization and transformation.” – Denda

Follow her journey as she performs on Christmas Eve with her international band at DUBAI Expo.

Production credit: LA-based Oscar winning film scorer Giosue Greco.

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