Review: French Alps Tiger – Lost Boys

I must admit, it has been A WHILE since I’ve found new music in the indie rock space that I have instantly enjoyed. As in, about a year of listening to electronic, rap, afrobeat, and occasionally playing indie rock from the past.

I hate to be / become that older millennial who reveres the past so much that I can’t appreciate the present or look forward to the future. But, with the incessant Top 40 crap that’s been on the radio (ok, Spotify) for the past few years, and all of us locked in quarantine listening to the same old tunes, it’s left me feeling detached, at best, with music.

I know I’m not the only one who has taken a step back to re-evaluate my life, my interests, who I ‘want to be when I grow up.’ And, through all of those twists and turns that we call the pandemic, I am happy to say that the new and improved Kristyn (your trusty Editor/Founder) still loves French Alps Tiger as much as the first time I heard them years ago.

“Fuck Peter Pan and fuck Keifer Sutherland. ‘Lost Boys’ is a razor sharp, white knuckle, dirty bomb, from the east side of The Costa Del Swan. Skate-Punk for the Blind Drunk. You didn’t have to think of the last thing you thought of. So why try, Eh? Instead, enjoy this Ode to all those consciously pissing into the wind, just because they’re used to the taste, and feel uncomfortable not being drenched in a mess of their own making” — Russ (French Alps Tiger).

So, with that, I am happy to share the new video from some of my favorite boys.

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