Review: Bush Tetras // Snakes Crawl

To celebrate the warm welcome of Steve Shelley (famed New York-based drummer who recorded and toured as a member of Sonic Youth since 1985) to the group Bush Tetras, they are releasing a new video for the remastered Tetras classic, “Snakes Crawl.”

Admittedly, the opening screen of “Snakes Crawl” music video, by Bush Tetras, made me worry about the future state of my dreams, most notably the dreams I would be having this evening. But, my curiousity got the best of me, and I, like Eve, allowed the idea of a snake to overtake even the best of my intentions. Down the rabbit hole I went.

And, it was worth it.

The video is a dark, acid-trip, fever dream—or a 90’s graphic designer’s Valhalla—as collaged images and video interplay with the tracks lyrics. These days, graphics are all about minimalism: subdued, polite, responsible; but Bush Tetras pushed the envelope in the film, using bright yellows and reds that Gen-Z TikTok’ers are using the term ‘retro’ to describe. Pft.

It’s all a bit much, in the best way possible. I may still be afraid of snakes, but I’m better for watching this video and you probably will be too. Catch them on tour—dates have been added to our highly-curated event calendar.

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