Premiere: Novaa // Vitamins

We are beyond excited to premiere the catchy, summertime anthem ‘Vitamins’ by Berlin-based alt-pop singer-songwriter Novaa.

“Back in winter 2020 a friend of mine Hannah came to visit me in Berlin. We spent some time in my studio to record some double bass, and during that time we felt like writing a new song together. I rarely, mostly never write songs for my own project with others but it was lovely to write a song with one of my close friends. We wanted Vitamins to be a song to oneself, explaining to oneself how difficult it is sometimes to keep living up to your best self, and saying to oneself how much effort and energy one puts into keeping up with everything. We wanted it to be a fun song, and it still is very much to me. It’s light and easy, a song that’s supposed to help you get up in the mornings when you feel like you don’t want to get out of bed. I hope we succeed with that.“ – Novaa

The track resonates with those who are working to make themselves better—succeeding at it, failing at it, giving up, trying again. It’s a lot to say the least. The other night I stayed out until 7 am partying with friends, and the days leading up to it, I took my vitamins like a good person, exercised, ate healthily, slept well, and then unraveled all of that good progress with just one late night of debauchery.

With “Vitamins”, Novaa tells us that all of this is normal. Whatever you’re going through, from a breakup to dealing with imposter syndrome, all of this inner work takes time.

Listen to “Vitamins” below and catch her in Berlin this Monday (May 30th) at Badehaus (tickets here)

Featured image by Zachow