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About the mag


Left Bank is an online and print publication that was created with the intention of exposing underground and primarily undiscovered artists on a global perspective, curating their work, and cultivating the concept that what is weird // expressive // controversial // alternative is integral for understanding and shaping culture.

The magazine takes direct inspiration from the Left Bank in Paris (if you haven’t seen Midnight in Paris, stop reading immediately and go watch this film, or go read Hemingway’s A Moveable Feast … actually do both for your sake). Left Bank seeks to provide a platform for artists creating profound works of art–music, visual, literary, etc.–from Paris to Los Angeles, New York to Cairo.

We consist of the online magazine, and a print zine (published twice a year) and sold in bookstores in NYC and Melbourne. For information on submitting, view here.

Let’s discover, create, and celebrate various forms of art around the world. It’s all we have. //

Left Bank a été créée dans a fin d’exposer les artistes alternatifs et principalement non découverts autour les mondiaux, de concilier leur travail et cultiver le concept que ce qui est bizarre // expressif / controversé est essentiel à la compréhension et au façonnement de la culture. Le magazine s’inspire directement de la Rive Gauche à Paris (si vous n’avez pas vu Midnight à Paris, arrêtez de lire immédiatement et allez regarder ce film, ou allez lire Hemingway’s A Moveable Feast … réellement faire les deux pour vous). Left Bank cherche à fournir une scène pour les artistes qui créent des œuvres d’art profondes – musique, visuel, littéraire, etc. – de Paris à Los Angeles, de New York au Caire.

Découvrons, créons et célébrons les différentes formes d’art à travers le monde. C’est tout ce que nous avons.


  • The pieces that we feature are copyrighted under Left Bank Magazine, and pulling this work and/or plagiarizing not only makes you a terrible person, it also makes you a thief. Don’t steal. Create work of your own.
  • Left Bank Magazine serves to be a safe community for artists. Simply put, don’t be a jerk in the comments. Constructive criticism is helpful//encouraged, so please leave your negative comment at the door and figure out how to help the artist grow instead.
  • If we’ve posted something of yours that you want down, or want the credit to be changed, email us so we can attribute your work more appropriately. We are here for you and with you, never against.
  • Have fun. We are weird and cool and really creative- embrace that. You’ve found your internet home.


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