Unity & Identity 

The origin of the name EKTA is intrinsically linked to our purpose – to combine multiple arts & artists in a single moment, in the same space.

Our focus is to create artistic experiences, as such, we organize, produce and promote events in the areas of music, visual arts & performance. Dance, theater, poetry, live painting performances, concerts, art exhibitions and others involving experiences such as workshops, sustainability, fair fashion, handcrafts, food & drinks and much more.

We face individuals and entities thirsting for more engaging and combined experiences. The mission is to create moments that appeal to the sensations of those who interpret them and leave a mark to those who experience them.

 Men on the Couch @menonthecouch 

 Dj Set with Som Stellar @somstellar

Coming soon

✓ Day pass €15

✓  Day pass door sale €18

   Workshop (upon request)

* Does not include event access