Jun 06 2020


8:00 pm - 9:30 pm


$1 presale


Charity & Causes,

UnderCover featuring Ashjesus + The Big Easy and Eclectic Method

After a successful first concert that garnered 450+ live views, UnderCover is set to further glitch the typical livestream experience on Saturday June 6th at 8pm EST. UnderCover is a first-of-its-kind benefit concert series that pairs two musicians to perform exciting, original versions of each other’s songs live. The second edition will feature genre-defying Brooklyn acts Ashjesus and The Big Easy. Eclectic Method will make a return to close things out with his always mindblowing VJ set.

A special edition poster is being developed for the event by Gareth Halliday, famous for album covers for Damon Albarn’s Africa Express and Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds. The poster along with AR activated merch will be available at the online shop.

From the comfort (and safety) of their homes, fans can support musicians whose incomes have been negatively impacted by venue closures during the COVID-19 crisis. Via $1 early ticket purchases and a virtual tip jar, a percentage of donations will be distributed to Musicians Foundation, as well as to the participating musicians.

Tickets available at Dice. Learn more at

More about the event:

  • UnderCover is a 45-minute live set consisting of 10 songs in total. Each artist performs 2 covers of the other artist’s songs plus 3 of their own original songs
  • All events will be streamed in HD video and high-quality sound

About the artists:

The Big Easy

The Big Easy is a Brooklyn, lo-fi indie rock band started as a solo project from frontman/ songwriter, Stephen Berthomieux. Enlisting the help from guitarist Stephen Adams and drummer Pete Clark, The Big Easy melds a number of sounds ranging from indie, lo-fi, punk, and a ting of emo. After tours up and down the east coast, The Big Easy has become known for their passionate performances and explosively catchy melodies that are nothing short of ear worms to the listener. They are working to release their debut album later this year.


Ashjesus is a young, loud, & saucy four piece rock n roll band conceived in a Bushwick trash room. Serving up anthemic, soul driven diatribes with angular guitars, ample feedback, hard-hitting drums and a heaping side order of melodrama.

Eclectic Method

Eclectic Method is a video-remix pioneer who helped originate video mashups during the early days of bootlegs and went on to create viral videos in which rapid-fire edits turn almost any sound into music and beats. DJ Magazine called Eclectic Method the “remix king,” Wired dubbed him the “future,” The Guardian said it “boggles the mind” and even Questlove said he is “the gift that keeps on giving.”

The event is finished.

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