Left Bank Live

We are joining forces with our expansive global community to help spread positivity and to show support to those affected by the global crisis COVID-19. Seeking to share positive energy and offset the collective grief that is felt around the world, Left Bank Live Festival will be a 5 day, 12-hour constant livestream from March 17 – 22, 2020 and will feature music, comedy, and poetry readings streamed across YouTube (subscribe before the event), Instagram, and embedded onsite.

How to Stream

Go to Left Bank’s YouTube page (hint: just click here). // During sets you might need to refresh a few times in order to see the new artist coming to the stage


Free/Venmo the artists during their set and/or Left Bank

Thursday’s Schedule

Wednesday’s Schedule

Tuesday’s Schedule

Festival partners include Blonde Artist Management, Altafonte US., Diet Cokes and Smokes PR, Blossom Records, Bands Do BK, Artist for Artist Management, Gramophone Media, We Color Live, and more to come. 

Special thanks to our friends at:

Left Bank will not be liable nor are we responsible for any band that infringes on music copyright laws during their performances. All Left Bank Live performers have been notified to play only original music and lyrics.

All DJs have been requested to get permission from the artists that they will be playing during their sets.

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