Music discovery is a big thing in the present age. From Spotify to Soundcloud mixtapes, and literally everything in between, there is a mass amount of music being made and nice little algorithms to help you find it.

All of the music on our site is handpicked and hand-curated, and while we love robots telling us what to listen to, we trust our colleagues, peers, and friends more. Dig in and happy exploring.

Full mood list:

  • Netflix and Chill (smooth, sexy, mostly chillwave and bedroom pop)
  • Party Favors (electronic, house, indie electronic)
  • 8-hour Grind (indie rock and indie electronic)
  • Tribute to CMJ (up-and-coming acts and college artists)
  • Goth Babe (post-punk, nouvelle vague, shoegaze)
  • Nouveau Jazz (nothing but jazz, nonstop)
  • Femme Fatale (female and nonbinary artists)
  • La Planche (surf rock)
  • Nights on the Bowery (punk)
  • Skate Session (hip-hop mostly)

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