Category: Norway

Jul 28
Sounds: Monalia // Get away

Can’t decide if Oslo-based band Monalia is in my head, or if we are all…

Jun 29
Sounds: FRYDSTADS MARKISER // Easily Bored

This one-man band from Norway expresses how we feel on almost a daily basis. Ok…

Apr 01
Sounds: Simen Mitlid // Chaotic Good

Os, Norway’s singer-songwriter extraordinaire Simen Mitlid is so undeniably warm…

Mar 02
Sounds: Benedikt // KMG

Norway’s nine-piece indie folk outfit Benedikt has been working on their debut…

Oct 10
Sounds: Orions Belte // Joe Frazier

Norway’s Orions Belte threw me a little while listening to their latest release,…

Aug 21
Sounds: Jackie Charles // Birthday Song

Words by Kristyn Chatting with my German friend about how great her English is, and…

Jan 12
Sounds: Short Skirts // I Like It Short

Norwegian punk rockers Short Skirts have over the past two years proven to be one of…

Jan 31
Seen: Street Art x Flânerie // Oslo, Norway

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