Category: Gallery Submissions

Nov 26
Chad Knight x “Two Week Notice” // GR Gallery (NYC)

Ten year digital artist, foundational member of the NFT community and former head of…

Jul 31
Seen: Heather Levy art

Brooklyn-based Heather Levy caught our eye and we couldn’t help but share her…

Jul 06
Seen: dans la nuit // paris

photos x words: aditi “you belong to me and all paris belongs to me and I belong…

Jun 28
Seen x Michael Alan Art

Michael Alan is a prolific native NYC Artist 1977. Stay tuned for our interview with…

May 21
The Many Faces of Grieco

David Grieco is someone that I’ve know for years and only recently had the honor…

Apr 09
Seen: Ottophobia

We’ve got a great group here at Left Bank: writers, artists, staff…you…

Mar 25
Seen: Alexandra Scuffle

“For me, the camera is a sketch book, an instrument of intuition and…

Mar 18
Seen: Rachel Adshead

“My main goal with my photography is to capture emotions and light and use…

Feb 13
Seen: Dina Levy x Sketch

You are …. ( amazing, beautiful, strong, tender, loved …. ) 6”x6” ink on…

Jan 31
Seen: Beth Morris x Collage

Came across the collage work of Beth Morris on Instagram and after some fine trolling…

Dec 22
Seen: Flâneur in Modernity

Hong Kong-based independent film director and photographer Iu Chung Hong shares the…

Dec 18
Seen: Dive in with Rod Klein

Deep diving with artist Rod Klein. Let’s do it then. Rod, you do a lot of…

Dec 11
Seen: American Mars

Peter Mars isn’t from Mars; in fact, he’s as American as cars, and calls…

Dec 04
Seen: Project Mr. MK Ultra

Last year, I had the pleasure of being part of Jeff Hamilton’s street art fair…

Nov 28
Seen: What is Beauty, Darren Sarkin?

I was intrigued when I learned that there was an artist in Los Angeles who was turning…

Nov 20
Seen: A Few WRDS, Please

WRDSMTH above Sunset Blvd. the poetry of WRDSMTH // words and photos x Johnny Otto A…

Nov 05
Seen: Abstract Art x Sarah Orchard

Sarah Orchard is a fantastic painter, and her work is definitely worth viewing //…

Feb 22
Seen: Resting // Henry Taylor

via Resting — Henry Taylor — Biblioklept

Aug 23
Seen: Carisa Bledsoe // Procreate

Carisa Bledsoe’s work lives in a realm of social deconstruction and playful…

Aug 18
Seen: Dina Levy x Sketch

The unfed mind devours itself – gore Vidal

Aug 10
Seen: Darrell George

Happy Wednesday! Darrell has sent us some more pieces that I couldn’t wait to…

Jul 22
Interview x Seen: Darrell George

There are certain pressures in the art industry to become a factory, but you have to…

Jul 14
Seen: Rachel Leigh // Illustration

I love French New Wave movies from the 1960s, it seemed like the most perfectly…

Jul 10
Seen: Jacob Lawrence // Dreams No. 2

via Dreams No. 2 — Jacob Lawrence — Biblioklept

Jul 05
Seen: July Night x Childe Hassam

via July Night — Childe Hassam — Biblioklept

Jun 27
Seen: Art x Pete Scully // 2016

A couple of weeks ago I went to the downtown Davis “2nd Friday Art About”, as I had a…

Apr 06
Seen: Mimes & Giraffes x Todd McCafrey

Our resident funny guy Todd McCafrey has sent over a collection of new comics in his…