Left Bank Magazine exists solely on the submissions of our friends, fans, and supporters. See below for ways to submit to the magazine, and thanks in advance for thinking of us when looking for ways to get your art out there!


We have decided to consolidate submissions and conversations almost exclusively to SubmitHub (it’s also really good for bands because you can reach and start conversations with music blogs and writers on a larger scale — go ahead try it!)If you’d like me to listen to your song, please send it here  You’re pretty much guaranteed a response. P.S. You can still email me (and I do love receiving emails from you guys) but I’m finding that SubmitHub is a MUCH better way for me to keep things organized. 

Art + Literary

If you have any art (music, visual, literary) that you would like to share, email me directly at Keep in mind, I don’t have a squad of minions going through the inbox, so it may take a while to get back.

Write for Us

If you want to contribute to the magazine as a writer, please fill out our very fancy form here

*Contributing and submitting your work is an act of artistic love, and therefore and unfortunately unpaid but people dig the magazine and our zines end up in bookstores, so hey that’s cool.

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