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The Team


Qui (Who)? Kristyn “Kay” or “KP”

Pourquoi (Why)? 

I started Left Bank four years ago after spending 40+ hours a week at Sony Music putting my Journalism and Marketing degrees to work—helping artists make more money than I probably will have by retirement. At the time, I was also submitting a crap load of short stories and novels to magazines and contests, and getting rejection after rejection; I was also seeing my best friends in bands strive to make ends meet while doing what they love, sometimes for an audience of 10 (which in my opinion, 10 who love you is better than 100 who sit talking to each other or trolling Tinder, but I digress). All of these things hit a climax, some time in 2014 as I was crossing the Brooklyn Bridge, and I decided to create a magazine // safe space for artists to share their work and get their stuff out there. Beyond Left Bank, I’m a Senior Copywriter for a global media company, and do some music marketing freelance stuff on the side (also known as Stockholm Syndrome). Side note: my graduate school thesis is on the semiotics of street art, so while Left Bank is primarily music stuff, I enjoy curating street art and visual art pieces as well (and literature, of course!).

Où (Where)? Brooklyn // online at @kristynnotharry &

Qui (Who)? Alex Horowitz is a music journalist, dilettante musician (Janna’s Dream, guest guitar work for Animus Theory), long-time music marketer (TuneCore, Sony Music), and all-around eccentric individual.  His writing has been featured in Left Bank Magazine, SoundCtrl, and the bottom of some very respectable editors’ wastepaper baskets. Horowitz’s passion for telling true tales of music and the people that make it is rooted in his ineffable, bordering on maniacal conviction that the world is so full of incredible sounds and stories that we have become almost entirely desensitized to them, so much so that without someone framing them for mass consumption we tend to run the risk of never really noticing them at all.  Copious derision of Horowitz’s writing is enthusiastically encouraged to be directed to his Twitter account.

Où (Where)? NYC // online at @drwadata

Qui (Who)? William


I graduated from a publishing course in 2016 and immediately moved to New York to work in editorial. I buzzed with excitement on the train into the city, but soon started drowning in the anxieties of starting a new life. It’s funny how hard it is to leave the comforts of home, even if that is exactly what you are trying to do. It’s even funnier how losing communities affect you in a deeper way than losing a physical place. I never regretted moving and starting a new life for myself, but my God, working in book publishing didn’t touch me the way music did.

Moving to Brooklyn left me feeling hollow. I was completely uprooted from my musical community and didn’t realize the impact it would have on my heart. It took too many months and too many pints to discover what was missing from my life, and why I felt like a piece was missing. It was quite embarrassing to realize, duh, it’s music you miss you absolute rube. And after digging, I found sects of the Brooklyn musical community where I’m welcome, and that I adore.

Music is my most essential form of expression. Harmonies show me the beauty of what can be accomplished by humans working together. Lyrics express more than the words at a glance. The combination rages against internal and external demons and helps me feel satisfied when I’m having another manic episode at 4:00AM.

And that’s why Left Bank Magazine. I want to find more music for myself. I want to find it for you. I want to share it for the musicians who create it.


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