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Qui (Who)? Kristyn or “KP” I started Left Bank Magazine in March of 2014, after spending 40+ hours a week working for a division of Sony Music, where I put my Journalism undergraduate degree and Masters of Media Communication to work. I was creating digital marketing to help big-name artists make more money than I will ever have. Around the same time as this, I was also seeing my best friends in bands strive to make ends meet and working 2+ jobs just so they could do what they love. All of these things hit a climax as I was crossing the Brooklyn Bridge one evening after work, and I decided to create a magazine // safe space for artists to share their work and form a community of love//support//commiseration.

Since then, I’ve launched Left Bank Buzz (our creative agency), Left Bank College (the college spinoff of Left Bank Magazine), and MAWS (an eCommerce agency that sells music, art, books, and apparel from indie artists).

Où? NYC // online at @kristynnotharry

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Qui? Alex Horowitz is a music journalist, dilettante musician (Janna’s Dream, guest guitar work for Animus Theory), long-time music marketer (TuneCore, Sony Music), and all-around eccentric individual.  His writing has been featured in Left Bank Magazine, SoundCtrl, and the bottom of some very respectable editors’ wastepaper baskets. Horowitz’s passion for telling true tales of music and the people that make it is rooted in his ineffable, bordering on maniacal conviction that the world is so full of incredible sounds and stories that we have become almost entirely desensitized to them, so much so that without someone framing them for mass consumption we tend to run the risk of never really noticing them at all.  Copious derision of Horowitz’s writing is enthusiastically encouraged to be directed to his Twitter account.

Où? NYC // online at @drwadata

Qui? William

I graduated from a publishing course in 2016 and immediately moved to New York to work in editorial. I buzzed with excitement on the train into the city, but soon started drowning in the anxieties of starting a new life. It’s funny how hard it is to leave the comforts of home, even if that is exactly what you are trying to do. It’s even funnier how losing communities affect you in a deeper way than losing a physical place. I never regretted moving and starting a new life for myself, but my God, working in book publishing didn’t touch me the way music did. Moving to Brooklyn left me feeling hollow. I was completely uprooted from my musical community and didn’t realize the impact it would have on my heart. It took too many months and too many pints to discover what was missing from my life, and why I felt like a piece was missing. It was quite embarrassing to realize, duh, it’s music you miss you absolute rube. And after digging, I found sects of the Brooklyn musical community where I’m welcome, and that I adore.

Music is my most essential form of expression. Harmonies show me the beauty of what can be accomplished by humans working together. Lyrics express more than the words at a glance. The combination rages against internal and external demons and helps me feel satisfied when I’m having another manic episode at 4:00AM.

And that’s why Left Bank Magazine. I want to find more music for myself. I want to find it for you. I want to share it for the musicians who create it.

Qui? Von Ecker is an artistic misfit hailing from Detroit, MI, who is a freelance illustrator, writer, and tattooist that enjoys incorporating his love for music into his creative passions whenever possible.

Working as a freelance writer since 2007 covering music, art, and entertainment in Chicago and Detroit before moving to New York in 2017. He has a taste in music that’s all across the board and enjoys it most when genres collide and create their own hybrid sound. His passion for music started in the first grade when he found a copy of N.W.A album, Straight Out of Compton. Derek slapped it into his parents living room entertainment center, with the F-bombs and funky backbeats blaring in front of his mother’s horror-filled face. It was from that moment the rebellious nature of music took hold of him, and never let go.

Qui? Andy John Mendosa is a 22-year-old writer, multi-instrumentalist, and recently baptized Brooklynite. He hails from northeast Ohio, stuck straight in the middle between ubiquitous upper middle-class suburbia, decaying rustbelt cityscapes, and desperate-for-air hippie communes. Studying film at Syracuse University Newhouse, Andy tried hard to synthesize both his love for music and love for film down to one attainable, DIY-form, which resulted in his debut LP Banzai, a shoestring spaghetti-western homage to Ennio Morricone, Bob Dylan, and many others. Living at a DIY house in college, Andy puts self-sufficiency and DIY sensibilities above all else.


Qui? Brit Boras is a BK-based, vertically-challenged, music-obsessed human being.  When not performing & recording with her band New Myths, she can be spotted teaching Brooklyn kids how to shred, petting her cat “Hotdog”, or screaming next to you at a local show.


Qui? Johnny Otto is an Artist, Writer, Filmmaker and Activist living in Los Angeles. Recent shows include a fundraiser benefit for Drop in the Bucket (clean water in Africa) at Radiant Space in Hollywood. Otto’s artistic endeavors span over 35 years. His films have been featured in the Palm Springs Film Festival and The La Jolla Fashion Film Festival. He dedicates his time and art to helping those who are less fortunate. He believes that art is meant to change the world, not just pretty up a wall. He writes about Art, Culture, Activism and People who are striving to change the world. (LA) J

Où? Los Angeles. Join him on Twitter and Instagram @ottophobia. See his recent work.

Qui? Tomos Morris is an experimental writer and reluctant barista based in Cardiff. He is usually thinking about black and white cats, aesthetics of Taku Sugimoto, and the concept of tofu. He can be found exploring the backstreets of Cardiff for innovative art, music, and literature. Cheap headphones exist in his ears most of the time.

Où? Cardiff, Wales // online on Instagram and Twitter

Qui? Jolomi Peppeh is a thinker who expresses his creativity through music and writing. He hails from West Africa, specifically Ghana and Nigeria. You’ll find him flipping through the pages of a good book or listening to classics from different genres.

Où? West Africa // Ghana and Nigeria // online at @K_O_Peppeh

Qui? Adam Alloy grew up in a world filled with books and music, so when life lobbed him a curveball and gave him the opportunity to cover the Austin music scene, he knocked it out of the park. The introvert turned social butterfly, poet turned programmer, singer turned journalist, black sheep golden boy has been wandering the southern hemisphere for two years. Recently he arrived in Melbourne, where he plans on becoming the most tuned in American on the scene. Stay posted for the best tunes from down under.

Où? Melbourne

Qui? Poppy Scarlett is a music blogger and journalism postgraduate, based in London. She is excessively obsessed with new wave music, working in the artsy Shoreditch district and songwriting on her beloved beauty of a guitar. When there is an indie gig hidden deep under the cobbles of London, Poppy will be in the front row with a notepad and pen at the ready. Even if she has to crowd surf.

Où? London, England // online on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube

Qui? Tracey was bit by the music bug at a very early age. A self taught drummer, she honed her chops playing along to some of her favorite records growing up. She’s rooted in oldies, classic rock, 90s era alternative and grunge. Some of her main influences are: Dave Grohl (Nirvana), Eric Kretz (Stone Temple Pilots), Patty Schemel (Hole), Steven Adler (Guns n’ Roses), Charlie Watts (Rolling Stones), Tre Cool (Green Day), Lars Ulrich (Metallica), Atom Willard (Against Me!) and Adrian Young (No Doubt), to name a FEW. She holds a bachelors degree from Mercy College in Music Industry and Technology and has experience working with industry professionals in various studio environments. She is currently the drummer for Brooklyn, New York’s Strange Neighbors and is endorsed by StarSticks, Soultone and Bangbox.

Où? Connecticut // NYC

Qui? Helen Lim is the typical student of life. Always curious and with questions ready to ask, she explores cities and countries, cultures and music, food and drinks, and people’s stories with her pink Fujifilm camera around her neck and wide eyes for taking note of potential writing material. In October 2018, she set off from L.A. to live in a new city every month for the next year forgoing a steady and secure life of a pharmacist. She’s lived in Portugal, Croatia, Czech Republic, Morocco, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, Chile, and Peru. Supporting herself as a freelance writer and editor, Helen loves waking up every day to do work led by her spirit and heart, living true to her nature and calling. She has a vision for people to be well informed about the world around them and how to navigate themselves within the changes. You’re likely to catch her in a cafe with headphones on typing away about the latest jazz inspiring her. 

Qui? Tom Barnes is a writer, developer and drummer in several Brooklyn bands, including Hot Knives, Slush, Teenage Afterglow, and Joe McCarthy and the Faders. He previously worked as the editor of Mic’s music section and as a media planner for Spotify’s U.S. socials team. His latest venture is Frame, an interactive digital newsmagazine, where he serves a dual role as a lead reporter and Chief Product Officer. When he’s not at the desk he generally tries to get as far away from the ground as possible, climbing, skateboarding, and making gravity feel real dumb. 


Qui? Beau Turner
Music, dog, and fashion enthusiast. Princess of the Universe and Left Bank’s social media manager.

Qui? Luke Robinson is a drummer and composer born in Truro, Cornwall. The son of a painter and an architect, he has been surrounded by creatives and the arts throughout his life and it seemed almost inevitable he would follow a similar, creative path. 
After finishing his schooling, Luke decided to move to London, where he studied the BMus Popular Music Performance course at the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance. 
It was here that Luke discovered his love for composition, in particular for writing music inspired by his heroes: Boards of Canada, Steve Reich and Richard D James. 
Luke now divides his time between performing with his band Paulo Post Future, composing his own works and writing about music.

Qui? Erika Briggans-Jones is Left Bank Magazine’s proud graphic designer. When she’s not laying out zine spreads, she can be found at her day job designing visuals for your sister-in-law’s favorite skin care company, hosting trivia at your local pub, working on a number of freelance projects, or stressing herself out over a new Pinterest-inspired project, most likely undertaken for the sole purpose of posting a cute Instagram. Erika first met KP during their grade school days in St. Louis and happily reconnected with her when she moved to NYC in 2016. Left Bank is the zine 13-year-old Erika wishes she’d been making but never had the commitment or the cool-factor to see through. In other words- a dream realized.

Où? Brooklyn

Qui? YukiyoshiLeft Bank mascot and spirit animal. He tends to poop in the house when listening to Sabbath and prefers classical music (opera, especially). Punk makes him want to go crazy. In a crazy way.

Où? Brooklyn

We are constantly looking for great talent around the globe. Feel free to apply to our general application here.

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