The Zine

Left Bank zines are a continuation of the online magazine, centralizing around a specific theme, curated by our trusty Editor, and featuring art // works from around the world.


‘Le Premier: Nasty Woman’ is bilingual- French and English.

Available for purchase at Sticky Institute in Melbourne, Au. and Bluestockings Bookstore on the Lower East Side, New York, USA


Bienvenue‘ features interviews with WRDSMTH, reviews from Public Practice to Calvin Love, an interview with Nude Party, short story feature, and more.


  • Quimby’s (Brooklyn, NY)
  • Bluestockings (Manhattan, NY)
  • Quimby’s (Chicago, IL)
  • Sticky Institute (Melbourne, AU)
  • Pegasus Books (Berkley/Oakland, CA)
  • Downtown Books and News (Asheville, NC)
  • Antone’s Record Shop (Austin, TX)
  • BookWoman (Austin, TX)
  • Left Bank Shop