Sounds: Sie (feat. Courtney Gray) // Riders on the Storm

Pigs aren’t flying and to the best of my knowledge the world isn’t ending, but I am in fact sharing a cover in its own post because it’s just that good. So anyone who knows me knows that I love The Doors, so getting this track I was thinking ‘oh god not another cover. You just can’t successfully cover Doors or Nirvana. it’s not possible.’

Welp. I take that back.

Put out by Pussyfoot Records (who also introduced artists such as Alison Goldfrapp, who lent her vocal stylings to Spacers album ‘Sensory Man’ and Jacknife Lee who released his album ‘Muy Rico’ and then went on to be a successful music producer for the likes of Bloc Party, The Black Keys and U2) this track is one in a compilation EP that shows off the labels new talent.

The cover by Sie (and Courtney Gray) features all of the classic Doors elements that honestly a cover of this nature would need, but the vocals are more sultry and edgy, the instrumentals are a little more trippy/modern psych, and it brings about a very contemporary take on an absolute classic track. They get a little r&b jam bandy towards the end, showing that they can (and did) take an original track and make it their own.


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