Sounds: FRIGS // Crop Circles

Toronto noise group FRIGS released one of my favorite records of the year way back in February with their urgent debut LP ‘Basic Behaviour’. This week the band returns with a new haunting single, “Crop Circles”, which was left off their album. Its a much more subdued slow track compared to the songs on their debut, one which details a story of the disparaging souls we come across in life and how they affect our psyche. Words have power in either realizing a dream or putting down another, others use them as fuel for a burning creative fire.

“Crop Circles is a song about feeling good about yourself, I wrote the lyrics when I was moving away from someone who only put me down and didn’t support my creative pursuits. The song lives solely in this recording. It was never intended to be performed.” – Bria Salmana

Singer Bria Salmana’s main message is one of saying fuck all to the paralyzing critique we all fear in this age of social status upkeep. “… they come and they go”, she hearkens while leaving you with an ultimatum, “…its your call, your call” as synths bring already down-trodden guitars and sparse drums to a great release. As the track fades away it leaves you alone in an empty house with a hissing tea pot left calling out to the distance as rain slowly pours to contemplate a future to make of your own.

Take a listen below…

‘Basic Behavior’ is out now via Arts Crafts.

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