Sounds x Video: aiwake // Tonight

There are so many times that I wish I would come across a track and video like the one that aiwake has created to perfection with “Tonight.” The vocals in this bedroom-pop track are smooth and the video has a level of sex appeal to it, that toes the line of pornography. But, that’s not because it’s explicit or objectifying — it’s art at its purest form. A great track that is both intimate and catchy, with visually subdued tones, and a band that joins the lead singer with both ease and effortlessness.

Everything about “Tonight” makes me remember why I started Left Bank — and why I continue to do it. And the fact that this band only has 360 fans on Facebook is even more proof. Too often PR and labels pick up bands that have the numbers behind them but lack talent. I mean, pure, honest to goodness talent. Not to say that certain labels don’t find and produce gems (here’s looking at you Majestic Casual, Fuzz Club, Wharf Cat, Burger, etc) but it’s rare that the majors care about anything more than numbers/social pull. Anyway, I’ll hop off my soapbox before I lose your attention.

Do yourself a favor and listen to this tune / watch the video by one of my now favorite bands.

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