Sounds x Premiere: ACUA // Run

ACUA is a band hailing from Cologne, Germany. Focussing on a heady mix of psychedelia and electronic textures, the band is aptly named, fluidly blending together influences to create a kind of art-rock for the modern age. 

Following on from the success of 2018 EP ‘Akwuar’, this latest single ’Run’ sees the band refining their sound further. ‘Run’ ripples like some silky smooth liquid as it envelops you in its luscious textures. As you are led through the track, there are many highlights along the way. The groove between bass and drums gives a really solid foundation for the guitar layers and gliding vocals to sit on top of, as we are led effortlessly into the chorus. This blending of sections creates an immensely satisfying feeling for the listener, not lifting so much as a finger dynamically, it still gives you an intense emotional fulfilment. Flowing straight from the verse, the lead into the chorus creates a fantastic sense of momentum. Combine this with a set of lyrics and melody that will certainly stay with you, and have you singing along in no time. 

I love the blend of vintage and contemporary that we are treated to next (at 1:36 to be precise). A thick, moustached guitar line swoops in between the left and right channels in a sparkling moment of intensity, a sound that so joyously harks back to the golden era of 60’s psychedelia. Fading away from this, we get a wobbling, frenetic synth line that slows and builds with LFO speed, amongst vocal and synths layers to a punch-the-air moment as WHAM! The chorus hits you once again! 

The comparisons to water and liquid in general are so bang on, and in their chosen name, the band has defined their sound. ‘Run’ feels like some special kind of Vaseline I could swim in, in the very best way. 

Catch ACUA in their hometown of Cologne on 28th of September. 

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